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Corfu, Corfu

House Perfect Sunflower 2

Borrowing its name by the magical “sunstone” of the Vikings, their legendary guide in open sea, Sunflower House 2 echoes gleam and glow from the first glimpse. The property features an elegance from another era, mixed with contemporary comfort and effortless luxury, and promises to become the nestle you are searching for during your one-of-a-kind vacation. Sunflower House 2 offers a unique ambiance of relaxation and ease. The simple yet chic decoration is harmonically fitted with the pale, earthy tones on walls and furniture. In the beautiful living room, a stone wall creates a cozy environment that will definitely warm and win your heart. The sunlight comes through the large French window and reflects perfectly to the white and grey shades in furniture. A dining table will host your meals of the day, next to the window, offering a beautiful view. A modern kitchen completes the spacious common area. In the bedrooms, a romantic and classical yet minimal decoration will capture your eye.


Included amenities

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Corfu Perfect

Ethnikis Lefkimis 17B
Corfu, 49100

Telephone (+30)2661021770

Katerina Lavranou (+30)6972996303

Email[email protected]

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