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Corfu, Corfu

House Perfect Mimosa

Translating the physiology of the surroundings into a contemporary architectural structure, House Mimosa is the one and only for those who wish to find and bond with a real home during their vacation. Situated in the picturesque area of Kefalomantouko, this dream house, as the owners suggest, was built and decorated under the inspiration of the natural surrounding area, typical of the foresaid precinct in early times; the reeds, once framing the area around the house, now hold a vital role in the decoration indoors and outdoors as well. Bamboo prevails in furniture and household equipment in an effort to use generally natural elements, that create a harmonic and peaceful environment.



Available facilities and amenities

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Corfu Perfect

Ethnikis Lefkimis 17B
Corfu, 49100

Telephone (+30)2661021770

Katerina Lavranou (+30)6972996303

Email[email protected]

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